My husband and I realized that we are ingesting too many chemicals every day, not only in the food that we eat, but also in the products that we apply on our bodies. And so one day, we decided to shift to all-natural and organic products.

As we went from store to store, we realized a basic problem: all-natural and organic products were very expensive, and given our middle-class status, they were definitely impractical. We clearly could not afford them without sacrificing the other basic needs of the family. At that point, it seemed to me like only the rich had a right to be healthy.

That was when Roland decided to make our own. He thought that if we cannot buy them, then we might as well make them. And make them he did.

As soon as he made his first soap, I posted it on FB. I did not intend to sell it. My intention really was to brag about it, i.e. “Hey look! My husband is a genius!” I was therefore in for a very big surprise when my friends began to ask if they can buy the soap, and an even bigger surprise when they actually liked it!

That was many moons ago. The rest is ONO history.

May S. Pono, CEO

We are not just organic.  We are all-natural.