Who can receive shipping rebates?

Only those who order at least 100 pieces of products (regardless of kind) will receive shipping rebates after their order is shipped.

How are shipping rebates computed?

Shipping rebates are determined according to the following formula:

Shipping Rebates = AAPS – (ASC + HC)


AAPS is the Actual Amount Paid for Shipping. This is the amount which is shown in your cart as Shipping Cost.

ASC is the Actual Shipping Cost.  This is the actual amount we pay to the forwarder which we use to ship your order.  This is the amount reflected in your waybill.

HC is Handling Cost.  We charge Handing Cost of P50.00 for the first box and P30.00 for each succeeding box.

How can I benefit from the shipping rebates?

You can use the shipping rebates as part of your payment for your next order.  Simply deduct the amount of your shipping rebates from the amount you need to pay for your next order.