How To See Feedbacks in this Site

Our feedbacks are posted as POSTS and not as static pages.  To view them, kindly scroll down until you reach the section on “CATEGORIES” (if you are using a mobile phone) or simply look for “CATEGORIES” at the sidebar on the right (if you are using a computer).  Under CATEGORIES, you will find a dropdown list of topics.  Most of them are skin problems and conditions.  Click on the topic you want to read about, and you will be taken to a page that lists feedbacks relating to the topic of your choice.

However, feedbacks posted on this site are only up to July 2016. The feedback posts are continued on Facebook.

How To See Feedbacks on Facebook

We have updated feedbacks on the ONO page on Facebook. To visit our Facebook page, please follow this link:

To find feedbacks, please use the search window on the Facebook page and seach using HASHTAGS.  Type #ono followed by the name of the product you want to look for.  Or simply type # followed by the name of the product.  Or type #onofeedback.

For example, if you are looking for feedbacks on Olive Turmeric soap, you may type any of the following:






Note, however, that our hashtagged feedbacks on Facebook begin in July 2016.  To see older feedbacks, please read the paragraph that follows below.

How To See Reviews

Simply go to this link:

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