Product Name

Anti-Itch Healing Balm, also known as AIB.


Coconut Oil, Beeswax,  Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel Oil, Other Essential Oils


35 grams (+/- 3)

Tub size: 4.5 x 3.8 x 4 cm

Direct Benefit

The direct benefit of using this product is that, because it is all-natural and does not contain chemicals that can cause irritation or allergies, it is both healthy and earth-friendly.  To read more about the benefits of all-natural products, click here.

Potential Benefits from Active Ingredients

One of the active ingredients of ONO AIB is tea tree oil.  Tea tree oil is anti-septic. It was used to treat cuts and wounds for years until doctors discovered antibiotics. And even after, it remained a popular antiseptic when doctors discovered that certain bacteria were resistant to antibiotics.

Tea tree oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and is therefore effective treatment against acne and pimples.  It is also anti-fungal. It can fight athlete’s foot, fungal nail infection, and thrush. It can also kill yeast and so is a potential treatment for vaginal yeast as well as other yeast- and bacteria-related ailments.

Another active ingredient of ONO Anti-Itch Healing Balm is witch hazel oil.  “Witch hazel is a topical astringent derived from the bark and leaves of Hamamelis virginiana, the common or North American witch-hazel shrub.  Native Americans have long recognized the medicinal properties of witch hazel and used a decoction of the boiled plant parts to treat skin irritations and tumors. (taken from this website)”  It has tannins, and when applied directly to the skin, it can reduce swelling, help repair broken skin, and fight bacteria. (taken from this website and this website.)

Because of the presence of both tea tree oil and witch hazel oil in this product, it can potentially help alleviate the following conditions:

Itch and Swelling from Bites and Stings.  AIB can relieve pain and itching caused by insect bites and stings – including jellyfish stings. It can relieve swelling in minutes.

Contact Dermatitis.  Because of the drying and anti-itch power of its active ingredients, ONO AIB can potentially relieve contact dermatitis and other skin irritations.  In the same manner, ONO AIB can also relieve eczema, psoriasis and other similar skin conditions.

Hemorrhoids.  Witch hazel is known to ease the pain, itching, swelling, and bleeding of hemorrhoids.  For relief, simply apply AIB on the affected area.

Minor Cuts and Wounds.  Apply AIB on the affected area to stop bleeding and facilitate healing of cuts and wounds.

Sunburn.  The anti-inflammatory properties of AIB’s active ingredients will aid the sunburnt skin in healing.  It will also prevent the skin from peeling in the days that follow.

Diaper Rash.  ONO AIB an effective and safe remedy against diaper rash.  Apply AIB to relieve itch and swelling.  Regular application will also aid in the quick healing of the damaged skin.

Dandruff.  Apply ONO AIB on the scalp and get lasting relief from dandruff.  In the same manner, ONO AIB can also relieve athlete’s foot, ringworms and other fungal infections.

Varicose Veins.  Apply AIB on the affected area for pain relief.  But DO NOT MASSAGE.  It is said that it is dangerous to massage varicous veins as it might dislodge whatever particle is blocking the flow of blood.  The dislodged particle could travel through the bloodstream and then lodge itself again at a more critical location.

Bruises.  Applying ONO AIB on the bruise can speed up the healing process and help the bruise fade more quickly.

Potential Sensitivity to Beeswax

This product has beeswax. Beeswax itself does not cause any allergies or sensitivities. But propolis does to some people. Propolis is “bee glue” that gets mixed in the wax. Propolis can cause a rash. Not many people have this sensitivity to propolis, but if you are not sure, you may want to keenly observe your reaction to the product. Stop use if a rash develops.

The ONO All-Natural Guarantee

Like our other ONO products, this does not contain artificial fragrances, artificial colours, hardeners, or any other artificial additives. It is completely all-natural and is entirely handmade.

We are not just organic.  We are all-natural.