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It is not just organic.  It is all-natural.

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It means that ALL of the ingredients in our products are natural.  And when we say all, we mean absolutely all.  Our products have absolutely no chemicals in them.  Guaranteed no artificial additives,  no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances.

Our soap products have been saponified using caustic soda, but all of the caustic soda evaporates during the curing period.  None is left on the product when it is released for use.

There are many products in the market today who refer to themselves as “organic”.  Make sure to check and counter-check their ingredients.  Many of these so-call organic products are actually chemical-based. They call themselves “organic” simply because one of their ingredients is certified organic, but if you look closely, the rest of their ingredients are chemicals which includes, at the very least, artificial fragrances, artificial colors and other chemical additives.

It is affordable.

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Our products are sold at very affordable prices.  For example, our soaps are sold at an SRP of P35.00, but it can be bought at a Resellers’ Price of as low as P19.00 each, or at Cebu retail price of P25.00 each.

It is effective.

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There have been many testimonies both past and present on how ONO has helped clients with various skin problems – from pimples, to melasma, to allergies, to eczema and psoriasis, and many more.  The lady in the photo above is just one of the many people who have shared their testimonies with us.

Some people have referred to our products as “magic”.  But we attribute the effectiveness of our products to the fact that they are all-natural and therefore more compatible with the human body than any of the chemical-based products in the market. And because they are all-natural, they do not contain any ingredient that is harsh to the skin.

While our products are mainly for humans, we have made a soap for pets.  We call it Tender Pet, and like our products for humans, Tender Pet has also received good reviews. It is gentle on your pet’s coat and will keep it clean and smelling clean for a long time.

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It is sold via direct selling only.

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We are NOT a networking company.  We only do direct selling.  But we have good volume pricing for those who want to resell.  Recently, we have started to set up a one-tier commissioning system for those Resellers who refer their clients to us.  Our automated commissioning system is not yet in place, but we are recording what we call “Referral Credits” manually.

To inquire about Resellership, send a private message to May Pono (May S. Aguilar) on Facebook.

Or call us at any of these numbers:

0917-3287082 (Globe) / 0920-9285528 (Smart) / 0932-8757281 (Sun)

We are not just organic.  We are all-natural.